Take One Step Forward

Sometimes you just want to get a little more perspective on your situation and a possible solution. This page was created to help you do just that.

Integrated Search Marketing is about layering and compounding the results of your marketing by connecting your marketing activities at a deeper and more effective level.

Most businesses are doing a variety of things to get new customers and make more sales, but for most those activities are scattered and working independently. They aren’t working together and leveraging how they can reinforce each other to make each of them more effective.

How many marketing activities is your business doing?

Is your website or blog generating various types of content or is it always selling?

Are your social media tweets and posts using content to do more than just pummel people with sales pitch after sales pitch?

Are you using videos and podcasts and downloadable documents as part of your content mix?

Are you building and maintaining a list of customers that you can sell to and make offers to in the future?

Are you using a formal referral system?

Are you connecting your valuable, expert content back to all of the above so that your prospects know what to buy first and know what to buy after that and so on?

Are you connecting your content back to your existing costumers so they know what to buy that supports or reinforces their initial purchase? Are those customers making it back to the content?

Are you getting specific content to specific groups – to new prospects, stale prospects, new customers, old customers, and inactive customers?

Are you also developing content specific to buyer personalities and demographics like business owners, single moms, retirees, people in specific geo-targeted locations, people with certain incomes, etc.? Have you defined the types of buyers that are your best customers?

These questions barely scratch the surface of what you need to know to be 100 times more effective in your marketing, but if you don’t have anything near this approach you need Integrated Search Marketing.

If you have some of the above in place, you’re on the right track – but let’s take it a bit further.

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