Integrated Search Marketing

Next-generation customer acquisition at scale with guaranteed results.

Tried of not knowing where your next sale is coming from?

Our next-gen Integrated Search Marketing technology identifies early buyers of your products or services before they begin considering other options.

You simply identify the customers you want out of those buying now and get to them first.

Next-gen marketing for faster, more accurate, reduced-cost customer acquisition

Integrated Search Marketing combines advanced AI and Big Data to identify your next best customers during the early stages of their pre-purchase considerations, research, and shopping.

Our marketing and advertising then repeatedly puts your business squarely in front of these specific impending purchases,  very cost effectively. You sell more before your competitors ever know these customers exist.

Your contact-to-sale timeline is shortened,

Your customer quality increases.

Your acquisitions costs are dramatically reduced.

You pull customers out of the marketplace as sales that you and “you only” own.

Your competitive advantage has been redefined and is now unmatched.

If only 3% of your market (on average) is buying on your timeline, that’s not a problem…

Because you’ll only be marketing and advertising specifically and directly to those who are ready to purchase.

Why do you continue to waste time, money and resources on the 97% of your not-buying-anytime-soon market in your attempt to get to the 3% that is buying?

You do this because you don’t know there’s an advanced data-gathering technology that automatically separates your buyers from your non-buyers – while you are marketing and advertising to them.

It’s called Integrated Search Marketing.

Because you lack precise, clarifying data in your marketing and advertising you are forced to use whatever limited data you can get. This lack of accuracy can only identify a customer persona (vague) or profile outline (very vague) that might be buying someday. That’s why conversions suffer.

The mistake is in promoting to your target market as a whole – hoping you attract the attention of just buyers.

You invariably get the attention of some buyers and even more non-buyers.

Pulling non-buyers into your funnel is a huge waste of your time, money and resources (TMR) because once they are in your pipeline, you’ll waste even more TMR trying to qualify and sell to them.

With Integrated Search Marketing, you solve these problems…

  • You promote specifically to prospects who are buying sooner rather than later.
  • You reduce your customer acquisition costs 25%-75%. due to laser-focused accuracy.
  • You virtually eliminate, if not remove competitors from the equation, because you reach real customers first.
  • You can buy even more real customers more often because you get your ROI faster.
  • You redirect the money you’re wasting on the non-buying 97%, and spend it on capturing the 3% in your secondary and tertiary markets that are also ready to purchase.
  • As a result, you grow your marketshare and build brand by pulling customers out of the buying market at will.
  • Maybe best of all, our technology improves over time by learning how to identify your best customers more quickly and more accurately – increasing results and lowering costs even further.

Integrated Search Marketing allows you to spend less to sell more.


We leverage key Data Intelligence Factors through integrated multi-channel search marketing and advertising. This emphasizes your company and delivers your message to in-market buyers at just the right time – before your competitors enter the picture.

Data Intel Factor 1 – What They Bought

Transactional Data

Transactional Data is obtained when focusing on agreements, transfers or exchanges that occur between one or more individuals or organizations. Our focus is generally on transactions pertaining to commercial relevance.

Data Intel Factor2 – How They Bought

Behavioral Data

For our purposes Behavioral Data focuses on information that results from accessing websites and/or web services via electronic devices. These might include desktop or laptop computers, tablets, web-enabled watches, smartphones, , etc.

Data Intel Factor 3 – Who Bought

Demographic Data

Demographic Data as in a statistical framework of social economics encompassing population, race, income, education and employment. As a result, it can also include geographic locations and time-related parameters, too.

We use demographic data because it also refers to population characteristics, growth rates, birth rates, ethnicities and densities – including how widely populations might be spread over specific areas.

Data Intel Factor 4 -Buyer Mentality

Psychographic Data

Psychographic Data helps us create a more accurate picture of how an individual sees their environment, how they make decisions, what they are interested in, why they take the actions they do, and how they might arrive at their personal values and beliefs.

Questions about our services?

It never hurts to get more information and we welcome any questions you may have.

Keep in mind, this is a huge opportunity for businesses that want a solid, steady and improved ROI on their marketing investment. Expect a very dramatic improvement over what you’ve been getting.

With results guaranteed, what else can we do for you?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Every vertical is different and as you can imagine, the service pricing varies according to your needs, your market, your expectations and other factors. We go into more detail on pricing once we’ve had a chance to discuss various options you may be interested in based on your business model and target audience.

How Do I Know if this works for my company?

There are quite a few vertical markets that have seen dramatic success from this service. If we feel we cannot achieve similar or better results for you, we will tell you so and why.

There are also markets that we are currently developing and gathering data for. Pricing concessions are possible for some of these markets based on where we are in our process of developing those opportunities.

Do You Only Work With Established Companies?

In general, yes. Shoestring budgets are not adequate to support the level of activity needed to drive, say, 20-30 sales (or more) into your pipeline on a weekly basis.

As always, the results you might expect are based on variables we explain when speaking with you.

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

Ongoing consulting services are included, but limited to the services we provide. Once we have your project set up and functioning, you’ll see there’s not really much for you to do besides closing more deals and making more sales.