Integrated Search Marketing

Integrated Search Marketing (ISM) isn’t what you think it is.

It’s not about marketing or SEOing content to be found in the search engines. It’s not about linking between your content creation, SEO siloing, social media, video, ads, landing pages and whatever else you can throw a hashtag at.

The goal of Integrated Search Marketing is not to create a random or even structured spider web of ‘connections’ throughout your online presence venues. It’s not about pushing, teasing, or tricking people into following a trail of info crumbs you link from one location to another until they end up getting your sales pitch on a landing page.

As a big picture, ISM is more about what you do before, during and after the tactical execution of impacting your prospects and customers. It defines your tactical activities and justifies where, why and for how long you spend a marketing budget to begin with.

Here’s the next question you need to answer…

What Is Integrated Search Marketing?