Integrated Search Marketing

Here’s a simple test to determine if Integrated Search Marketing is right for your business – ask yourself these questions:

Is it possible for you to go anywhere in your marketing systems or processes right now and see…

  1. How all of your marketing efforts are linked together and why?
  2. How effectively your marketing is performing in those integrations toward your specific business goals compared to how they are working individually?
  3. How you plan to make them perform better incrementally or (ideally) exponentially?

Can you look at that information and know with certainty…

  1. How much money your marketing integration inefficiencies are costing your business in wasted time, effort and resources – how they are under-producing?
  2. How much it’s also costing you in lost business opportunities, including extending or expanding lifetime customer value and reducing attrition – how they are limiting your profitability?

If you have positive answers to the above questions, you might not need to be here. Your marketing and business development may be firing on all cylinders and could be doing fine. But there’s always room for improvement, too.

Alternatively, if you don’t have those clear and decisive answers, you likely need to more effectively connect how your various marketing activities work together to generate more results.

In an ideal strategy, all the tactical elements and actions you use directly connect and contribute to the same overall strategic goal(s). They shouldn’t be done just so they can operate individually.

“You don’t architecturally construct a building by spreading out all the materials. You stack and layer and connect and combine the pieces to create the solid, predictably dependable structure you want.

Your marketing is no different in how the various pieces should work together for a consistently predictable, successful outcome.

When correctly assembled and connected (integrated), the economy, your competition, industry evolution and other issues can’t easily beat you down – and your marketing certainly won’t fall apart on its own.

Your marketing strategy and results will be exponentially more successful as a result of the more effective integration of your individual marketing tactics.”

That makes sense, right? Of course – why wouldn’t all your marketing efforts connect wherever and whenever possible to produce more and better results?

Here’s the next question you need to answer…

Why Integrated Search Marketing?