Why Integrated Search Marketing?

There are two parts of the Integrated Search Marketing equation.  Part One is the biggest, most motivating reason for leveraging more effective connections between your various marketing elements and activities. It’s easily described in two words:

Exponential results.

An example of exponential results in math is best understood when compared to something similar – like plain, everyday linear results…

Linear results:  10 + 20 + 30 = 60

Exponential results:  10 x 20 x 30 = 6,000

Would you rather get simple linear or explosive exponential results in your business?

Part Two is the reason why we call it Integrated “Search” Marketing. When your prospective customers need info or solutions, they don’t wait for answers to find them – they look for them online and seek them out. Customers have choices and control now that they’ve never had before the Internet.

They search.

They search for solutions to problems and pain.

They search for entertainment and fun.

They search for info to learn from.

They even search for what they might want as research to see if they really want it.

Where does your business appear in all the places your prospects are searching? How connected are those various places your business is represented? With linked icons or text links?

That’s not Integrated Search Marketing – that’s just linking different sites together.

Your marketing, business development, and sales processes are (or should be) all about the consumer’s need for information, the types of info you can make available (including your value differentiation), and the experiences they go through to end up feeling good about their choices and decisions – especially in considering doing business with you.

That’s just part of what Integrated Search Marketing does for you.

Let’s look a little deeper…

When you combine the different aspects of how you promote your products or services in ways that compliment, reinforce, and leverage their strengths (while reducing the potential hits you might take because of their individual weaknesses), you create a very formidable package of marketing assets, systems, and processes.

Putting your marketing activities and tools together in the right ways just plain makes them more effective.

No website, social media, content creation, SEO, display ad, retargeting, video, photo, podcast, infographic, download, webinar, text messaging or other marketing tactic works as well alone as it does combined with others. That’s the point of an integrated marketing approach.

Your solution?

Your solution is to more effectively connect the dots between the above. Yes, it can be challenging, but when done correctly your marketing is more timely, more results-based, and more cost-effective.

And exponentially more effective.

Integrated Search Marketing does exactly that.

Integrated Search Marketing also helps you prevent lost opportunities. When was the last time you really worked on your sales system to capture more of those ‘barely missed it’ sales? Never? Hardly ever?

And when was the last time you worked to reduce your causes of customer attrition? Have you ever calculated the cost of keeping a customer as opposed to going and getting a new one?

Are you aware that your existing customers are your most cost-effective and easiest sales? Do you use Integrated Search Marketing to “fence” them in and keep them from even considering another company?

These concepts are part of an Integrated Search Marketing ‘fix’.

Of course, every business situation is different and requires a specific solution based on your budget, assets, resources, needs, limitations, marketing challenges, and other factors.

To learn more about how this process is customized for your business, use the form below to describe your situation and we’ll get back with you to discuss the details of our approach as it applies.