Integrated Search Marketing Solutions

Finally stop wasting money marketing to non-buyers.

The Integrated Search Marketing Process

We start by gathering and filtering the data that defines your ideal customers through a multi-channel marketing awareness and advertising approach.

Next, hyper-targeting for your ideal customers identifies your best prospects and allows communication with them before they enter the market and show up on your competition’s sales opportunity radar.

This hyper-targeting also allows us to increase marketing and advertising frequency – to your prime leads only – and avoid wasted spend on your non-buying market.

We then focus the granularity of your data to filter pertinent DSP (demand-side platform) advertising inventory which allows us to reduce your current cost-per-lead by 25%-75%.

We further refine the data to increase the quality of your leads by focusing specifically on your preferred prospects.

And finally, we gather prospect names, email, phone, address and social media connections – often before they’ve ever seen your website.

All this, plus our secret sauce, puts your company top-of-mind with buyer-intent leads, right at their pre-purchase decision-making step.

The Integrated Search Marketing solution is an ever-improving, constantly learning system.

This means ISM continually improves accuracy and efficiency resulting in economies of scale far beyond anything you’ve thought possible.

Our services are guaranteed to produce results and are based on a customized, comprehensive plan that positions your business as the preferred choice in your marketplace while reducing and often eliminating your competition as an option.

Don’t need our comprehensive solution?

That’s ok, we provide individual services if you just want email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, content creation and distribution, or other services.

Just realize that the reason you’re doing ANY other marketing or advertising, is because you’re trying to…

  • Get more attention from your target market.
  • Get them to provide you with their contact info.
  • Use their contact info to feed them marketing content to convince them to do business with you.
  • Hope there are actual buyers somewhere in those contacts.
  • Keep paying for more of the same, always wasting the majority of time, money and effort on the 97% that aren’t buying from you or anyone else.

When do you realize that you’re only connecting with a fraction of the 3% in your market that are committed shoppers and buyers?

When do you stop overspending to attract the non-buyers that your current marketing or advertising never filters out?

When do you start spending your marketing and advertising dollars more most effectively?

Integrated Search Marketing solutions does all this for you, less expensively than what you do now.

From here a discussion is in order. Let’s take 15-30 minutes to engage in a conversation about how to get your sales and profits to the next level and beyond with Integrated Search Marketing solutions.

Fill out the form below or call us and let’s schedule a conversation to discuss your possibilities.

Questions about our services?

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Keep in mind, this is a huge opportunity for businesses that want a solid, steady and improved ROI on their marketing investment – likely a dramatic improvement over what you’ve been getting.

With results that are guaranteed, what more can we do for you?

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