About us

What we are…

We are a marketing consultancy. It is our job to find the right marketing and business development solution or combination of solutions that help you achieve your business goals.

We can design, create, implement, manage, monitor, test and improve any aspect of your offline or online marketing. We focus mainly on online marketing in what we discuss on this website but some of the easiest and fastest solutions are offline.

Our best results come from connecting both your online and offline marketing more effectively.

The most important choices we present you aren’t about artistic creativity, the size of your logo, egos (yours or ours), or personal preferences. The only opinion that matters is your target market’s.

Their response to your marketing proves that it’s working or not.

The value in what we do isn’t in whether we can build something that looks as good as your competition – that’s the easy part.

Our value is in making whatever we do for you more effective toward producing your desired results.

We also get paid based on results and have a money-back guarantee. Ask your web designer or marketing staff if they are willing to work in that capacity.

Our goal for you…

Our goal is to help you differentiate and position your business as the clear best choice for your market over all the other choices they have to choose from – including choosing to do nothing or giving a totally different business their money for something else they needed.

In addition, we propose to devise a strategic plan to combine your existing marketing elements with elements that are missing, fix what may be broken, coordinate and improve all to work together more effectively, and maximize everything to produce more inquiries, leads, conversions and sales than anything else you are currently doing in your business.

Let’s talk and see if we’re a good fit for working together. There is no sales pitch or obligation and you have nothing to lose. The onus is on us to convince you of our value.